Create Your Unique Element Showroom

Element Ceramics helps you to transform your showroom into an environment for design inspiration and customer interaction. Our sales representative and head office design team will work closely with you to provide showroom design recommendations based on your merchandising objectives, space requirements, and customer profiles.
Examples of Element Showroom Design Features
    Shop Exterior Wall
    Shop Exterior Wall
    The Element Color Wall looks like a color palette. With over 300 mix-and-match tile elements for creative surfacing design, this is an invaluableresource for architects and designers.
    Mock Up
    Mock up designs for various residential or commercial spaces are always tailor-made based on market preference and client's business target.
    Display System
    We have introduced a leading and innovating EXE display system to showcase large format tile products as well as to optimize the display of product range and variety.
    Element Coffee Bar
    A STARBUCKS look easy cozy Element coffee bar is thoughtfully designed to facilitate customer interaction during their stay in Element showroom.
Showcase Element Tile Products with Stunning Retail Displays
We've created a range of retail displays to engage shopping customers, minimize the use of showroom space and maximize exposure to the complete Element product line and all its possibilities. Our displays and sample boards continue to evolve to better showcase the features, benefits and quality of our Element tile products. Call your sales representatives to find out your fittest display package.
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©2018 ELEMENT Building Material Co., Ltd.