Create Your Unique Element Showroom

    Exclusive Contract Dealer Benefits
    Element Dearlership Program is strategically designed to help you and your business boost sales and improve profits through helpful merchandising, marketing and financial support and solutions on a basis of mutual-benefit partnership vision.
    As our contract dealer, you will be granted:
    Merchandising Benefits
    ---receive guidance and consultancy services for business
    operation of Element tile products either on a regular basis or upon request
    ---receive product and sales training either on a regular basis or upon request
    ---receive sales data and analysis report for each independent franchisee
    ---receive up-to-date industry and market information
    ---receive up-to-date design trend and technology knowledge.
    Marketing Benefits
    Spread the word and draw a crowd. Your ultimate marketing goals are to generate leads, increase sales and differentiate your dealership in a competitive marketplace.
    --- display support or showroom construction & innovation
    --- up-to-date marketing tools
    --- advertising materials and resources
    --- tradeshow support
    --- networking event support
    Financial Benefits
    --- special pricing
    --- favorable payment term
    --- sales incentive refund
    Your Dealer Commitment
    Your investment in the Element Dealership Program will deliver maximum returns for your business. To secure your partnership with Element Ceramics in the Dealership Program, your commitment will include business volume, showroom display space and participation fees.
    Want to learn more about our Dealership Program? Interested in joining? Welcome to contact us for more information.
©2018 ELEMENT Building Material Co., Ltd.
©2018 ELEMENT Building Material Co., Ltd.